The Rap of Ages podcast is music history podcast that records and produces content about popular and hilarious hip hop songs from the 90's and 2000's. On this show, the hosts attempt to answer why a song was popular, what was the artist thinking, and where did it all go wrong. This is hip hop history thought the eyes of plain, old regular fans who are looking at their favorite songs almost two decades later. Come reminisce, laugh, cry, and (heaven forbid) learn something with us! 

The show debuted in 2018, and is hosted by Dave "Wu Tang" Turnbull and Brian "B-Geezy" Sall . As two longtime friends, now living and working on opposite sides of the planet, (Dave from Vietnam and Brian from Buffalo, NY), these guys drew on their shared love of late 90's and early 2000's hip hop music as an excuse to have long, in-depth conversations about old, ridiculous songs while their loving, beautiful and patient wives kept their kids out of their "recording studios". It should be noted that the term "recording studio" is used very, very loosely in this context. 

The podcast itself is distributed across a wide range of podcast distributors, including but not limited to iTunesGoogle Play, and Soundcloud, with more platforms going live over time. 

 As a completely independent podcast without network backing, this show exists entire due to the love, sweat, money, time and tears of the hosts and their families. To learn more about supporting the show, please email

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Brian and Dave (Recording in Philadelphia in September 2017)

Brian and Dave (Recording in Philadelphia in September 2017)

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