Season One: 1998

This week we back, back, back it up to talk Juvenile, the Hot Boys, and teenage 'Lil Wayne and the smash hit "Back that Azz up". Did you know this song was only made because of fear of stand-up comedians? Or that "Back that Ass up" can't be trademarked? And what exactly is a Dick Bandit? This 1998 bounce classic still shapes hip-hop as we know it today. Report to the dance floor, and drop it like it's 400 degreez hot.

This week we are staying in the Dirty South where they Make you say UUHHHH!!!! Master P is a Renaissance man. Seriously. While building out his NO LIMIT Rap Empire, he was also playing Basketball in the NBA, Wrestling in the WCW, acting/directing movies…you name it, P was 'bout it. Rap of Ages is 'bout it 'bout it.

This week, we examine Brian's favorite artist of 1998, DMX and yes, his dogs bite. Love him or hate him, DMX is always on message. But despite his whopping 25 arrests, did you know DMX has a softer side? He moonlights as a pastor and loves Zoolander. Join us this week as we stop, drop, shut 'em down, and open up shop.

This week we are moving north to where hip-hop got its start.  Does that say Harlem World?  Yea, you’re reading that right.  We’re talking about one of Harlem’s favorite sons, Killa Cam’ron Giles.  Massively influential in the industry, we uncover how Cam got his start, his love of all things pink, and his obsession with international politics.  Did you know Cam'ron is real life cape designer? Are you not following @mr_camron on the 'gram?  All this and more on Rap of Ages.

What's the easiest rapping assignment of all time?  Money, cash, hoes, money, cash, what?  Join us as we look back on one of 1998's hottest collaborations: DMX, Jay-Z, Swizz Beats all together for the last time.  Find out why, and more, this week on Rap of Ages.

Grab your popcorn, Rap of Ages is going to the movies! Ghetto Supastar was the theme song to DJ Turntable's favorite movie, Bulworth.  Warren Beatty Djing, ODB sneaking into booths, assasinations, obscenity?! Take a step back in time, and explore the first hip-hop song nominated for an Oscar, and find out what happened to the third member of the Fugees.

Hi Kids! Did you know that My Name Is is one of the most important tracks in rap history? Listen to us and do exactly what we did. Take a closer look at the incredible story of how Marshall Mathers met Andre Young, and how a ornery white boy from Detroit changed the game.

In our season finale, we cover hip-hop's biggest Latino recording artist, (Big Pun intended!). Still Not a Player proves that sometimes the clean version is better than the dirty version, and that the Boogie Down Bronx still misses Christopher Lee Rios. Come learn how Big Pun broke down wall for latinos in hip-hop, and how his influence on the rap game still looms large more than 18 years after his death. RIP Pun.

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