Evolutions Mixtape

Evolutions Mixtape Vol. 8 - Latins Goin' Platinum (Track List)

Big Pun broke down doors for latino hip hop.  But what Kanye owes to Otis, Pun owes to Celia Cruz, bachata, salsa, y más.  Para toda mi gente latina. ¡Vive la raza! 

Evolutions Mixtape Vol. 7 - When Andre Met Marshall {Side B} (Track List)

Vol 7 (Side B) - From the Rap Olympics to Labi Siffre beats, when Andre Young met Marshall Mathers, hip-hop changed forever.

Evolutions Mixtape Vol. 7 - Say My Mutha Funkin' Name {Side A} (Track List)

If a rapper doesn't say his name on a track, does he exist? #DJTurntable

Evolutions Mixtape Vol. 6 - Movie Butter (Track List)

From Boyz in Da Hood to Black Panther, grab a big comfy seat, get your popcorn, and get ready for a fantastic voyage through hip-hop's evolution in movies from villain to hero to whatever LL Cool J was trying to do in Deep Blue Sea.

Evolutions Mixtape Vol. 5 - Money, Cash, Feminists (Track List)

Tired of the man getting you down? You're not alone.  Shout out to the great ones from Aretha to Cardi B.  This one is by the ladies, for the ladies.

Evolutions Mixtape Vol. 4 - Planes, Trains, Boats, & Rimz (Track List)

Ever wonder why no one raps about their metro pass? Come explore the history of traveling in style from the sweet chariot to the G6.  This week on Evolutions - planes, trains, boats, and rimz (with a zee).

Evolutions Mixtape Vol. 3 - Armed Forces (Track List)

Take a journey through the history of soldiering on the block. From Pac to Em and back, hip-hop's history with defending its turf gets real.

Evolutions Mixtape Vol. 2 - Don't Tell Me What To Do (Track List)

Sick and tired of everyone telling you what to do?  Put your hands up, get up stand up, fight for your rights, man I'm exhausted.  Sit back and enjoy a quick run through hip-hop's history with audience engagement.

Evolutions Mixtape Vol. 1 - Da Booty (Track List)

Chronicles the history of the booty track.  From Queen to Drake, take a trip through time to the backside of bounce.

Evolutions Mixtape Vol. 0 - Rap of Ages (Track List)

Explore the evolutions of late 90s hiphop, its influences and where it took modern rap.